Monday, January 16, 2006

handover date agreed

February 9th is the magic day! Well be getting the keys and staying on Herbie that night as Kath is going on a course in Knebworth the following day. Very convenient as Herbie is only about 20 mins from Knebworth.

We will be moored above Stanstead lock for at least until 17th Feb as that lock is undergoing a British Waterways refurbishment, so we can't get through until they finish and reopen the lock. The broker we're buying through says "we're talking BW dates here so don't hold your breath. " She has offered us free moorings in their marina until the lock reopens. We'll just have to tootle up to Ware and Hertford and back in the meantime. Just an hour or two I think.

Next Tuesday (24 Jan) were off up to Herbie to get shown the ropes by the previous owners and to sort out the handover inventory. Well take some more pics then for the blog.

Thanks to all those friends who have send their congratulations, encouragement and requests for a ride sometime. Hang in there.

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David D. said...

Congratulations! I am sure this will be the start of a great adventure. I assume given the name we will be refering to him not her - a significant blow for men's lib.