Sunday, April 02, 2006

Discretion being the better part of Valour . . .

Potential trip out cancelled this weekend because of the forecasts of strong winds. Typing this on Sunday afternoon with the wind roaring outside our house, I think we made the right decision. Next Sunday however, we are setting out on a fortnight's trip up to Milton Keynes -ish and back. Over Easter, if all goes to plan, we'll be entertaining various visitors (relatives) up there for short tips. Not many locks up there so we can just cruise and enjoy the view.

We decided the top of the boat needs a sort out, to get rid of the storage pallette which the previous owners built, and do something about the TV ariel which gets in the way. We're investigating going to free-to-air satellite which is cheap to set up, free to run, and although fiddly each time you stop for the night, is reputed to get a good signal on a small dish. All the clag on the roof has caused quite a few scratches and rusty spots, so its our first priority for painting (not counting getting the hull blacked, which we are due to get done early May at Bulbourne Dry Dock). The roof is a good place to learn the art of painting, because we'll be looking for a non slip finish rather than high gloss, which requires more skill and preparation. Anyway, we can't paint until the weather is more suitable.

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