Sunday, May 21, 2006

Black and shiny

What a wet weekend! I went up to pick up Herbie from Bulbourne dry dock. The hull looks a lot better as you can see in these before and after pics


and after

The oil leak is fized, so that's good too. However the renewal of the tiller bearing has left it a bit stiff to move. Jem Bates at the dry dock thinks the rudder might be a bit out of alignment between top and bottom bearings and this didn't show when the old tiller bearing was worn. We'll try it for a bit to see if it eases, but if not, they'll have to have another look.

Next job is to do something about the TV arial which clutters up the roof. I've taken it to bits so the top can stow out of sight in our newly decorated roof box. At the moment it obscures half of the front of the box. Can't have that! I just need to sort out a new arrangement for the poles and guy lines for quick assembly.

See the wide beam boat across the canal from Herbie. He had a neat way of delivering some visitors back to the towpath on my side. He just untied the front of his boat and swung it across the canal like a bridge. His visitors hopped ashore and that was that!

Before the heavens opened I cruised down to Cowroast through the thickly wooded Tring cutting stopping for a spot of fishing on Saturday night. All the ducks now seem to have lots of ducklings and I also saw some moorhen chicks. The swans are still incubating by the looks of it.

Next week, the Wendover Arm canal festival. I hope the weather improves!

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