Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Weighing up the Wey

I had an hour to kill near Guildford today, so I popped down to the River Wey near Shalford to have a look. This is one river we might take Herbie to next year. Well, it all looks very pleasant and easily navigable, although I recall a couple of years back when it was flooded all over the fields, so well need to watch the weather.

There seem to be quite a few boats moored around there, both narrowboats and GRP cruisers.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I'm reading through the published guidance for the Boat Safety Scheme ( a bit like an MoT for boats). Herbie is due for her 4 year inspection in December. Lots of things to check but I reckon we should be OK. One thing I was unaware of though is some means of checking the gas tighness of the LPG system - we're supposed to have some checking point or a bubble tester. I'll have to ask the chaps on the uk.rec.waterways newsgroup. Someone will tell me what I need to do :-)

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