Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Seeking a chair

The one thing the previous owners of Herbie wouldn't pass on to us was a nice old high backed carver chair in the saloon. Apparently it had been a rocker, but they'd cut of the rocky bit. Anyway we've decided to get something like it to put in the same spot.

One problem is that you have to be really careful over dimensions when buying furniture for a boat. Not just because space is tight, but more crucially that the boat doors are small (only about 2ft wide). Even though the boat might have room for something, there's no guarantee you can get it in! I've been busy playing with scale drawings of chairs and doors to see what can be done. Chairs with arms - and worse still rockers, can be deceptively wide /deep.

Well, I've just had my 60th birthday. Very odd because I don't feel that old at all. Actually as decade birthdays go, 60 is a good one.

At 30 you say goodbye to irresponsible youth and think about settling down :-(

At 40 you are supposed to be achieving in your career and have the mortgage, kids and all that - not to mention avoiding the mid life crisis :-(

At 50 you're not so fit as you were but still have years of work left to face and still have dependent kids :-(

At 60 the kids have at last left, the mortgage paid off, work (for me anyway) finished and with luck and good health can look forward to being irresponsible again and getting a life before real old age sets in. AND, there's the bus pass, free eye test and prescriptions etc. :-)

I'm not complaining!

Next boat trip starts at the end of next week. We're off for a couple of days in London including a visit by water to Camden market. Old pal Rick, very recently retired, will be with us as crew.

Full reports here in due course.

You might notice I've set up a new template for this blog. The text area is now wider so you can read more without scrolling, and I've added a tiny bit more about me in the profile.

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