Sunday, February 18, 2007

A somewhat larger waterway

We haven't been to the canal this week, but we did pop down to Portsmouth on Friday. An interesting contrast in boating scenes. How about this boat passing the local pub. The captain could practically reach out and grab a pint as he passed!

or the Mary Rose, still under a constant spray of water after all these years

I'm well pleased with the zoom lens on my camera. Here are two shots of Pompey's famous Spinnaker Tower taken from the same distance. We were in a boat at the time so the angle changes a bit.

Not bad for a camera that cost 150 quid.


Anonymous said...

Hi Neil,
I was thinking of having a paddle up the Slough arm this weekend. Do you know if the dams are still in situ?
Dan Drye

Neil Corbett said...

Hi Dan

The dams have now gone so you're all clear. Let us know how you get on