Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jolly boating weather - but not for us:-(

Here in South East England the weather has been beautiful all week. I should have been out on the boat, but I need to attack the garden while its dry. I'll probably neglect it all summer so it needs a good spring clearup to keep it in some sort of shape.

Meanwhile after weeks of wet weather, the rivers are still very high with floodwater. The Thames at Reading last weekend was all over the adjacent meadows (in this pic the actual river is somewhere in the distance)

and roaring along like a train. Footpaths become swimming pools.
I pity those poor souls who keep there boats on the river. I don't know how they sleep when the river is so full. Is the boat tied up securely enough? Will it be deposited on the bank when the floods susbside? I'm very glad we're safely tied up on a canal where the level rarely goes up or down by more than an inch, and there is no current to speak of.

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