Saturday, August 18, 2007

We're back

Back home from our camping hols in Shropshire. I know we're boring but we keep returning to the same camp site near Church Stretton because it's such a brilliant spot. Not many people seem to know this area but it's amazingly good for walking. Church Stretton nestles between the Stretton Hills, steep and sharp edged, and the great mound of the Long Mynd deeply cut with narrow valleys or batches with waterfalls and ravines. The top, at about 1700 feet is moorland covered with bilberry, heather and bracken.

Here we see the Stretton hills from the Mynd,

and from virtually the same spot but looking the other way, we see a tiny part of the Mynd with Jacob practicing his golf swing

Our campsite in Little Stretton

is at the foot of Ashes Hollow, one of the prettiest valleys on the Mynd
and quite rocky in places

anyway, enough of this hills mullarkey, in succeeding posts I'll report on how we managed to see some great canal sights while we were there.

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