Monday, September 24, 2007

Herbie goes to town

We've just been up to London and back with Herbie (and Rick and Marilyn). Despite a poor forecast the weather was mostly fine, which only goes to show you shouldn't be put off by the weather boys. Rick never seems to arrive without a gift for Herbie. This time it was a pair of crew polo shirts. I'm not sure where they score on the twee-ometer but they're fun, and they fit!

Over the trip, Marilyn did most of the driving as she'd got a bit nervous of it in recent years so a boost in confidence was required. We're happy to say she did brilliantly and she was awarded the Herbie certificate of competence at the end.

On the way in to London, we overnighted at the Black Horse at Greenford to have a go at their Thursday quiz and to have a meal. The food and beer is very good there, but the quiz was a bit too full of popular culture for our tastes. We're not very good a recognising photos of soap stars or listing chart bands from Sheffield!

Next day we were hoping to moor at Camden but the few places were full up. Nevertheless the 4 hour shopping berth was empty so we used that to visit the market. This time we remembered not to eat before going in so that we could enjoy some of the the amazing variety of ethnic foods you can get there. I had a lamb tagine from a Moroccan stall. Rick was disappointed that they had no curry goat left at a Carribbean stall.

Returning through Regents park, where we got a good view of the African hunting dogs in the zoo, we moored up at Paddington basin. It always seems pretty full, but we found one of the last spots as usual.

Next morning we decided to walk to Portobello road to see the market, half an hour's stroll from Paddington . We'll certainly go again, you couldn't possibly do it all properly on one visit. Food, clothes, antiques, junk, - you name it, and a lot of people! Rick managed to find and buy a fishtail parka to wear on his restored vintage schooter. Now he just needs a mod haircut.
Its about a half hour walk from Paddington basin and if you leave the basin arm at the right spot, you can do the whole walk in a straight line, just one long road.

It turned out quite hot so we lunched on the pavement alongside the boat when we got back.

I like mooring here. despite being in central London, it feels very calm and secure. Lots of people pass by and you can hear some of the station announcements, but its generally quite peaceful.

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