Sunday, December 23, 2007

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Poor old Herbie sits unused and unvisited lately. We've been too busy with getting ready for Christmas and the weather hasn't been good for boating with all the ice on the water. Narrowboats will push through thin ice, but often at the expense of the blacking at the water line.

I'm really glad I changed the engine anti freeze recently, but I'm always a bit nervous about the domestic water pipes even though I turned off the main cock and opened the taps before we left last time. Realistically though, the pipes (which are plastic and can expand a bit) are all inside the boat's insulation layer and are also at least a foot below the water line so I reckon the likelihood of them freezing is not high. Let's hope I don't have to eat my words in a future post!

A trip out in Herbie with friends is planned in a couple of weeks time. Sadly we won't be able to cruise down to the Fox at Hanwell (an ideal short overnight trip) because the locks are closed for repairs.

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