Monday, April 28, 2008

The weekend b) social pleasures and recognition

It wasn't all hard graft this weekend (see post below). On Saturday evening Geoff and Laura on Lady Elgar invited us to join their bankside BBQ. We just managed to avoid setting the boats (and Geoff's shed) on fire and consumed a lot of meat end even more booze, not finishing until just after midnight. I confess to feeling somewhat fragile for most of Sunday, not good when you are lying on your back dismantling shelves.

Then on Sunday morning I was recognised by a reader. Well at least Herbie was. We were passed by a jolly crew in a boat called Mad Hatter and the helmsman called out "Are you the Herbie that has the blog?" Mustering all my wit and sagacity, I replied "Yes" and then they were gone, on down the Slough Arm. How long now before I need to wear dark glasses in Tescos?

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