Monday, November 17, 2008

Fear and trepidation

Have I got the nerve to paint Herbie’s cabin sides next year? They could do with it, and they’ll have to be done some time. The trouble is it’s a non trivial task in terms of time and money and anything less than a good result would be a big waste. I’ve been going over it again and again in my mind and now I have a cunning plan.

I‘ve decided not to commit yet to the full job until we’ve practiced on a relatively inconspicuous bit. When we get a spell of decent weather I’m going to have a go at the rear doors and the inside of the semi trad stern walls. I reckon the painting is relatively easy once you get good surface, but it’s the rubbing down and levelling that will be hardest. I don’t suppose we’ll get the right weather for it for a while but that’s the plan.

Meanwhile I’m going to practice sign writing. Oddly enough I’m less scared of that than the plain painting of the flat surfaces. The people next door at home have just had their kitchen ripped out so I’m off to scrounge some cupboard carcase offcuts for something to practice paintng "HERBIE" on.

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VallyP said...

Good luck with the painting!