Monday, January 26, 2009

Oddyssey 2009 plans

I have to be careful not to get too excited in case our ideas for a great cruise this year don't come off. We plan to be out on Herbie a long time, but with breaks to come home from time to time.

The objective is to visit our two sons, one in Huntingdon and one in Cambridge, by boat. While we're out that way we'd also like to explore the fen rivers that flow into the Great Ouse. That means the rivers, Lark, Little Ouse and Wissey. This map gives you an idea.
The Wissey in particular is supposed to be very attractive and is a favourite of Sue on No Problem. Here's a link to her last trip there

On the way there of course we'll have to journey up the Grand Union to near Northampton, then down the river Nene and across the middle levels. Lovely jubbly.

The whole trip should take a couple of months or more as we don't want to hurry and we'll have time off for good behaviour when we can leave the boat somewhere safe. We'll also get some jobs done as we'll get Herbie's hull blacked somewhere on the way.

No doubt we'll also play host to good friends on various parts of the journey and that'll only add to the enjoyment. I can hardly wait, but as I said, I mustn't get too excited, there are any number of things that could spoil the plan - especially prolonged rain, which c an make the Nen in particular impassable.


Simon said...

sounds great. perhaps we should have a league table/map or something at Iver to show how far people have got... I might not even be at the top, who knows? ;-)

colleague Phil - - did the fens last year - you'll find his blog useful for pub & beer notes, if nothing else... ;-)

Vallypee said...

Sounds wonderful Neil. I hope you'll do a travelblog on the way...assuming the rain gods don't foil your plans.