Thursday, June 25, 2009

Outwell Upwell and March

You would think that the main navigation link between the major rivers Ouse and Nene would be a grand affair but it certainly isn't. Passing through the conjoined villages of Outwell and Upwell the waterway is more like a village stream. very pretty actually, but very shallow, very narrow and if you thought yesterday's picture of a low bridge was impressive, today we went under one much lower!!

We had to dismantle the lid ends of the roofbox and empty out half the contents, as well as the usual chimney removal,then we got under with half an inch to spare.

The nice old feller at Marmont Priory lock said that extra water had been pumped into the system to compensate for someone drawing off too much. "We used to do it from here" he said, "and we could get it right, but now some bloke miles away presses a button somwhere to start the pumps and then forgets to turn em off again so the river gets too high".

Now we are moored in March next to Rosie piper, a lovely little boat belonging to friends John and Irene. Photos hopefully with next posting.

Tomorrow we complete our trip across the middle levels and have to plod 15 miles in a deep and mostly straight ditch. We are booked to go out of the system at 3pm.

Heavy thundery showers are forecast. Deep joy.

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VallyP said...

Ah but all of it is a pleasure to follow with you, Neil. Looking forward to hearing where you are going from there!

It's always the same these days isn't it? Centralisation is supposed to make things more efficient, but it just doesn't work out that way. The personal touch always wins.