Sunday, August 30, 2009

In Griff's wake

Last summer as we were passing Three Mills at the bottom of the Lea Navigation, at this very spot:-
I saw a bloke sitting on the bank by a canoe and a cameraman nearby and I said to Kath "That looks like Griff Rhys Jones". "Naah, " she said, "Nothing like him!" Well now we know better don't we? At least we do if we have been watching Griff's excellent TV series on rivers.

We've just finished watching the programmes, having recorded them, and have been amazed to see so many scenes that show where we have been boating in the last year.

On the Lea, Griff went to the Royal Gunpowder Mills like us, showed the sailing barge The Lady of the Lea, which we saw in Limehouse basin,

and paddled his canoe just where we turned Herbie in Hertford.

The programme about the Eastern rivers was even better. Cambridge, Ely, Wicken Fen, Upwell on the Middle Levels where he paddled down the street just here
- all places we explored this summer. To the east of Outwell he interviewed an eel trapper, and we must have missed Griff by hours because we passed within three feet (the river there is very very narrow) of the very same guy in his rowing boat with a cameraman filming the eel traps. We even had a word or two with them as we passed.

Then as the icing on the cake, Griff went to the Norfolk Broads and lowering his sails first, manoeuvred his boat under the tiny arch of Potter Heigham Bridge just as we did this year on our sailing break.

So if you want to see film of where we have been this summer, just watch the programmes. I would think some of them are still available on BBC iplayer and they are well worth a watch in any case.

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VallyP said...

What really strikes me about this post is your photos. Really lovely shots, all of them...and a fun story too. Must be nice to follow your own journey on TV!