Monday, April 04, 2011

Onwards and upwards

Here we are at Wallingford, having paid for moorings for the first time since we hit the Thames.  Not too bad at a fiver, as they are nice moorings and very handy for the town.  We took a stroll into the town yesterday and got caught in the only heavy rain shower of the day - not the best way to see a sleepy country town just after the shops close on a Sunday!

The river is changing now, from the big posh houses to meadows with grazing cattle.  Thios is a gret place to see red kites.  We have had them hovering quite low over the boat - of course never when my camera was handy.  Ah well.

Our planned family day at Reading FC was great, we had nine of our lot and three of our friends  the Tregidgos.  Sadly Pompey had a player sent off and after that they fought a brave battle but were beaten 2-0.  Sitting among Pompey fans under a steel roof is not something your ears can easily get used to.  Mine are still ringing.

Our moorings at Pangbourne Meadows - courtesy of the National Trust, were lovely. 

As everywhere up here there are lots of rowing crews to watch, and when you are crusing, to avoid. I suppose as we near Oxford we may see a lot more.  The plan today is to get to Abingdon.  See you there.

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