Sunday, June 19, 2011


We're almost ready.  Bags packed. Lists of things to take with ticks by most items.  Tomorrow we head for Herbie and for our summer cruise.  One thing left to decide - entertainments.  These are items we take to while away the hours when we are moored up at night , or if we stop somewhere for a day or two.  I guess these items reveal more about us than you might imagine.

Kath reads deep into the night, so she takes books - most often by women authors, and her Kindle.  She also has become a genealogy freak and brings along loads of paperwork which she records on her netbook.  You wouldn't believe how many hours this takes.

I also take books but if I read for more than 15 minutes I fall asleep, so for me it's far less worthy stuff, generally short stories and crossword puzzles.   If there is room is left in the car, I take musical instruments to annoy Kath with and also in the hope of improving my playing abilities.,

Dear reader, I hesitate to reveal that one book I always take is the William Dixon Manuscript of bagpipe tunes from the borders (1733).  I know that makes me a nutter, but I'm here to tell you  I love it. I am obsessed by this collection of mad tunes which have nothing to do with men in kilts, but positively reek of Northumbria and Galloway.  The subtitle of the book is "Nine Notes that Shook the World".  It's bagpiping captain, but not as we know it.  I spend hours attempting these impossible tunes on my prized set of smallpipes which have a sound that is surprisingly sweet, quiet and unobjectionable even in my hands.

If there is more room I take my trusty mandola in the hope of joining in an irish  music session in a pub. Due to lack of space on the boat it has to live in the bath.

I think I should stop now before you send in the men in white coats.

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Anonymous said...

Neil,Late comment. The roof box looks superb. And all done on the conservatory table! If you had a shed you could construct Herbie II.