Friday, January 27, 2012

Reservoir check - a look at Welford

We’ve had a bit of rain lately – hooray.  Are the reservoirs filling up?  If our visit yesterday to the BW reservoir at Welford is anything to go by there is still a very long way to go.  Here is my picture taken yesterday.

IMG_1067 (1024x683)

This is taken from more or less the same spot as the photo I showed a few posts back – scroll down a couple of times and you’ll see it.  That picture was taken by Rick  shortly before Christmas.  personally I can’t see any significant change.  Sad smile  I reckon this reservoir is a good fifteen feet below its full level.  A local man who we met there told us that he had never seen it so low in all his life.  In fact he had never before seen the concrete culvert block you see here.  He said Saddington reservoir nearby is no better.

There is a slight ray of hope though.  There are in fact two reservoirs here, Sulby and Welford.  Here you see the two of them side by side.


IMG_1059 (1024x683)

Sulby on the left looks a lot fuller, although according to the measuring posts it  is still some two metres down.  It looks as though Sulby feeds into Welford when it gets full – down the shute you can see at the bottom right of this next picture.


IMG_1064 (1024x683)

Maybe things will look better when Sulby fills up and tips its surplus into Welford.

The retreat of the waters leaves some strange sights,  like this tree, which to me looks like some sort of camel!

IMG_1070 (1024x712)

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