Friday, September 07, 2012

New year resolutions (1) Herbie in a new light?

Am I in a time warp?  No, it’s just that having spent many years working in the education sector, I still think of September as a sort of New Year. Anyway, who has time to think of resolutions in the gloomy days just after Christmas.  Far better in the warm glow of early autumn.  So here to start with is something I’ve been meaning to do and now I will.

I am a lazy photographer.  I rely too often on auto settings when I should know better.  I’m going to start shooting in RAW format more often, and generally paying more attention to getting better pictures.  One thing I have been meaning to do is to do the odd picture in Black and White.  You can’t beat B&W for a bit of drama. Look at these for example.

P1060418 (1024x768)

Our friend Jan gets a lot of stick from us because she likes to sit in the cratch like lady muck watching the world go by while we struggle with the locks.  We did get her this year to have a go at Watford locks and this B&W portrait captures the energy of the event just right.

Then how about this industrial scene in Birmingham.  Good when you click it up big.

P1060365 (1024x588)

Lastly, still in Brum, look what B&W does to this sky.

IMG_1668 (1024x661)

The only problem is that it really takes the eye off the canal below.

Rest assured I will still mostly do colour pictures, but I will try to think about when B&W would do it better.


nick said...


Excellent images! The b/w really works, it seems to ratchet up the drama and mystery. I think it should be used more often...

best wishes


Anonymous said...

I thought you were just keeping up with modern marketing - after all, the christmas merchandise goes on display in the shops as soon as August Bank holiday has passed so why not new resolutions in September!

Definitely no resolutions here - the minute we make any plans the fates conspire to wreck them :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream