Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No shocking announcement today!

Today, we have decided not to make an announcement that would have sent shock waves through the blogosphere.  Yesterday, we went to look at another boat (don’t tell Herbie), but after inspection decided that it wasn’t for us.  This despite having a Gardner engine, a sexy low slung profile with a nice sheeted in fore end and lots of extras and being in reasonable condition at a reasonable price.  I’m sure someone else will love it.

It’s not that we’re actively seeking a new boat, but we just keep an eye out for what is around in case our dream boat should appear at a price we could afford.  This time the boat was very good on paper, but lacked the aaah factor that we need to make the wrench from our beloved Herbie.  Rick and Marilyn came with us as the boat was near to them, and they sent to details to their daughter Vicky, whose little daughter Kathryn said  “Why do they want another boat when they have a perfectly good one already.  And anyway this other one is too long to turn round!”  Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings . . .

While we were at the brokers we took the opportunity to get an assessment of what Herbie might be worth.  If we ever do get another boat, the price we get for Herbie will be a big factor in what we can afford. I really didn’t have much of an idea as it is six and a half years since we bought her.  So we went through a general description of the boat and what goodies it has, and I hope I gave a fair idea of the condition.  The estimate was only an estimate because the broker didn’t actually inspect the boat, but the price they indicated was at the top end of what I had been hoping, so I was happy.  Nevertheless, allow a bit for the buyer to knock you down and take off more than a couple of grand for broker’s fees and it doesn’t sound so good.

It does no harm sometimes to look at another boat.  Usually with us, it reminds us how much we like Herbie.  For now we’ll keep on progressing our ideas to make Herbie even nicer, starting with the previously blogged about shower revamp.

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