Monday, January 06, 2014

Water water everywhere

One of our dreams has always been to have a house with it’s own moorings outside.  Well this week we came close!  Even though we live half way up a hill, our back garden patio collects water as it is sunken into the slope with the house on the downhill side.  Rain water can’t get past the house so it has to go into a soakaway, but a soakaway can only take so much when the ground is waterlogged so our patio flooded and was lapping at the conservatory door. ( if all this talk of patios and conservatory sounds a bit posh, believe me it isn’t, the conservatory is ready to fall down).  Admittedly the water wasn’t quite deep enough to float Herbie but we did have to resort to wading out into the garden in the rain to bail out the water in bucketfuls which we carried out the gate to a drain outside on the road.

At least we are not too worried about Herbie getting washed away in the floods, the Slough Arm is not noted for excesses of water as you all know.  We are just hoping that our next door neighbour at the moorings has captured anything that might have blown off the roof.  Weather like this confirms our belief that long term mooring on a river is a risky business.  We think of our friends who keep their boat at Tewkesbury. The pictures I saw on the news makes it hard to see where the town begins and the river ends  I guess the Severn and the Avon merge a good way further back today than they did a few weeks ago.  Still it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good and I suppose that the narrowboat we saw stranded atop a wall in Tewkesbury is back afloat now.


I’d love to see some pictures showing how far up the poles the mooring pontoon has risen at Diglis in Worcester.  Here we are there in the summer.


I wouldn’t mind betting it’s pretty near the top right now.


Anonymous said...

There are photos of Worcester here - looks pretty dramatic!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

p.s. it's at times like this that our summer dream of having a riverside home & mooring are replaced by our relief that we haven't got one!

Anonymous said...

All fine at Tewkesbury Marina thanks to those wonderful floating pontoons. If the aerial photos that keep appearing in the media would scan a little bit further to the North side of town it would be a great advert for the security of the boats there. Definitely not the time to go for a little river trip though. It is worth having a look at Farson Digital Watercams for the Avon to see the state of one of Herbie's favourite locks - Strensham and the ferry crossing at Evesham. But thanks for thinking of us,
Irene and John nb Rosie Piper