Thursday, August 28, 2014

Biting the bullet

You can only practice so many times before you attempt something for real so this afternoon I bit the bullet and put the first roses on my buckby can.

The first step puts on the base coats and it looks like this

can 1

then after half an hour seemingly without breathing and with trembling hands I ended up with this


Could be better but these roses are usually best seen from a distance so I guess they’ll do.  I now have to go through the agony all over again on the other side of the spout.


Alf said...

WOW !!

Val Poore said...

Brilliant, Neil! They look really great! One day I'll have time again to do this. I've only ever done one bucket and that was years ago, but I so enjoyed it. Well done you!

Halfie said...

Looks good to me.