Monday, September 07, 2015

All set for Slough

As I write, CRT are doing more weed cutting down on the Slough Arm and Wood Hall & Heward are removing a burnt out and sunken GRP cruiser down there and down at Adelaide dock, CRTs wide beam events boat Jena is having her windows replaced after her paint job.  Why all the activity?  Because at the coming weekend it’s the Slough Canal Festival .  Yes the famous samosas provided by the expert locals will be cooking, the ferrets will be racing, the falcons will be flying and the stationary steam engines will be chugging and with a bit of luck there’ll be a fairground organ for me to covet.

I just looked back at my old photos and realised we haven’t attended the festival since 2009!  Grace was a tiny tot.


and Herbie was in her old blue livery:



It’s not a big festival, but I always liked it, and if the weather is kind, a lot of the locals turn out to learn more about their canal. 

Herbie won’t get there this year, but I will. Along with a couple of other volunteers, I’ll be taking wide beam Jena down there to fly the CRT flag and I’m hoping we might recruit another volunteer to help out with towpath rangering down the arm.  Then after the festival we have to return Jena to (I think) Little Venice.  Give us a wave if you’re down that way.

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Vallypee said...

All set for a lovely trip and a great festival, Neil. Now I just hope the weatheris/was kind!