Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Choice

Those exceptionally nice people (yes they really are) at Cropredy Marina offered us a choice of two very different berths for Herbie. Which would you choose?

Yesterday we popped in to take a look at Herbie's newly blacked hull, which looks extremely good and to discuss our permanent (while we remain there) berth position. Two very good but very different slots  had only recently become available. See where I have put white arrows point in this picture borrowed from the marina web site.

1. In the smaller of the two basins and very close to all facilities. It would take us only fifteen seconds to be at the office, the car park, the showers, the (shielded non smelly) elsan emptying, and the recycling. Despite the proximity to the facilities, the spot is very quiet in the evening. At the front of the boat would be a large grass area to sit out on with a small stream adjacent. Getting the boat in and out would be quite simple here, as it is a decent way from the marina entrance, making it simple to get the boat ready to turn in to the slot.

2. The spot further most from all the facilities, in the extreme far corner of the larger basin. Not so easy to get a boat into as it is in a tight corner. From the starboard side of the boat we would look out across the fields to the village beyond, and at the front of the boat would be a grass verge between us and the canal. On walking round there we noticed the bird song in the canal side bushes. We could take a car there to unload and load, but it would then have to be removed to the car park 250 yards away. That 250 yard walk would apply every time we needed to use the facilities or needed to use the car.

Interesting choice don't you think? We were lucky I think to be offered such slots. A choice between convenience and environment I suppose. We made our choice, and on the way home we felt more and more sure we had done the right thing. Now we look forward to returning to Herbie's new home in the far corner of the big basin.

There are a couple of good videos on the marina web site showing the place in more detail.

It was a rainy morning when we were due to leave. Having made our choice, I said we would move Herbie there and then. Dave the marina manager, on learning that we were due to drive home, insisted that we didn't need to move her in the rain, and one of the staff would move her for us tomorrow. See, I told you they were very nice.

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