Monday, January 09, 2017

An old man posts

Long time no post. Sorry, its been Christmas and all that.

Today I have moved from being a sexy-genarian to a septic-genarian or something like that. Thanks to all those who wished me a happy birthday on Facebook and elsewhere. I don't do Facebook these days but I'm technically still up there so I got all the messages.

Now, this is supposed to be a boating related blog, so here is a picture of a boat.

This one was on the Lancaster canal when we were up there last week. It was flippin' cold I can tell you.

Later that day we went to see a man on the beach at Crosby. He didn't have a lot to say

Here's Kath asking him to say cheese.

Well worth a visit if you're up that way.

Herbie is OK, (thanks for asking). We dropped by yesterday to check she was still afloat and that recent cold snaps hadn't done any damage. Despite the low sun and a lot of dull weather, and the loo fan running 24x7, the solar panel had managed to keep the batteries full, so that was good. The engine started first kick and ran as sweet as a nut. Good old Herbs.

Next time at Herbie I have to fit our new fresh water pump. In the years since the boat was built, plastic water piping has gone from screw fit to push fit, which is a bit of a pain as I have to fit new into old and finding the right bits isn't easy. Ten to one I'll get what I think will work, then have to go back and change it. That's DiY for yer.


Halfie said...

Happy Birthday, Neil. I don't do Facebook either.

Vallypee said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Neil! So sorry I missed it! I do Facebook (grudgingly) but have switched off all these birthday notification thingies because with all the other notification thingies I have from what seems endless other programmes, it was at least one I could manage without, but then maybe I can't cos I missed yours! Haha. I loved your sexygenarian turning septicgenarian...maybe you can legitimately become a COG now with full septic rights!I assume nothing, so just in case you don't know...Cantankerous Old Git. I have already nominated K for an COG award, but he's been practising for years.

I'm glad Herbs is in good shape!