Saturday, April 22, 2017


At last we've managed to sneak off to Herbie for a week while nobody at home was looking. Well amost nobody. Of course that Mr Schafernacker on the telly must have spotted us because the weather is due to turn cold on his instructions.

Days when we move out to the boat are always the same.

0800hrs. I lie in bed and wish I had got stuff to take ready yesterday.

0900hrs. Large piles of this and that accumulate in the hallway ready to load into the car. I look at it and doubt we'll ever get it all in.

1000hrs. I am amazed. It's all in the car and the boot isn't even full. Easy peasy. I feel good.

1005hrs. Kath reminds me of all the stuff we have to take from the fridge and appears down the stairs carrying bags of embroidery stuff, a laptop computer, and a lot of clothes on hangers. I remember we still haven't packed shoes, what seems like 50 different types of charging leads for all our gubbinses , our coats and raincoats, and two boxes of firewood. It'll never go in. I feel bad.

1015 hrs. I wedge the final item into the car's boot, sadly having to leave behind an Oxo cube we had no space for.

1030 hrs. We're on the road. Five miles from home, Kath says, "I know what we've forgotten." I turn the radio up and keep going.

1900 hrs. So here we are on Herbie. All is unpacked and stowed away. Kath is reheating the remnants of yesterday's spag bol. "What happened to that Oxo cube?" I turn up the radio and pretend to study a Nicholson's guide.

Tomorrow we head south first to Banbury, then next day to where the phone signal and the Internet and TV reception are a distant memory. They'll never catch us there. Never mind, we still have a box set of Broadchurch series 2 to watch.


Halfie said...

Sounds like you need an old Volvo estate. And I believe there's always room for an Oxo cube in any car, no matter how full. Like a state secret you could always swallow it. Might be a bit uncomfortable going down ...

Marilyn McDonald said...

Halfie, it'll be the foil that does the damage on the way down - however, at least it will deflect any x-rays that Kath could use to find out what Neil did with it ...
Cheers, Marilyn

Oakie said...

I know thew feeling so well that I have made a list - God forbid, but I have had it for years and so far it has never let me down. Then I made a list on my new mobi and I never look at that, so a few things have been left behind. Off to Cannie Cavalcade tomorrow with a group of friends on other boats, then up to Foxton and then Braunston Hysterics. After that - who knows?