Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Animal magnetism.

As the sunset falls over our peaceful mooring tonight at Kirtlington quarry, I ponder why I have suddenly become attractive to young women. Way back in the last century I seem to recall having my moments, but things have slowed down a bit over the last thirty years. Today however I have been approached by three or four attractive young ladies, and it was the same yesterday. Of course they all made the excuse that they were coming to stroke and admire little puppy Ronnie, but I think it's my animal magnetism.

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Frank said...

I think you have hit upon some, as yet undiscovered, link between animal magnetism and dogs.

While our golden retriever was still a puppy, we moored one evening opposite the courthouse in Nottingham. My magnetism was so strong that we were almost overwhelmed by young ladies in various states of undress/inebriation.

As you describe, they also used the dog as a rather transparent excuse for their fascination with me. Strangely, my wife was completely taken in by their ruse.