Monday, October 08, 2018

Kath’s Botanical Art

Anyone who has been down to Oxford on the canal will be familiar with close encounters with weeping willows. Quite often they completely obstruct your view forwards and you just have to close your eyes and hope nothing is coming the other wayas you push on through.  Was it me who suggested it might be an ideal subject for Kath’s sketchbook? Maybe.  Anyway she got to work and produced a couple like this:


Then once on the Thames she reverted to grabbing twigs from ordinary (non weeping) willows as we passed and produced this:


and this


Kath is one of those people who’ve always said they can’t paint or draw but over the last year or two, often encouraged by our peter, she’s found that she can.  Good innit?

Another canalside plant that has grabbed her attention is the butterbur that proliferates on the South oxford.  She’s been taken with the weird shapes the leaves take on as they die off at the end of summer.

bbuphoto1       bburrphoto2

This time she produced drawings using an iPad app called Procreate

bburr1 Art_Template

A lot more of her artwork can be seen Instagram where she goes by the name of #sewgran.  What a clever old stick.


Carol said...

Brilliant Kath!

Lisa said...

Amazing work Kath, well done.