Friday, August 07, 2020

Dog Sitting


Herbie now rests safely nestled among the other inhabitants of Wigrams Turn Marina.  The diamond pattern roof box gives her away.  Not exactly social distancing is it?  She's more used to a smart bankside pitch with car access for loading.  I hope she's not too upset.  Soon we have to decide whether to stay on at Wigrams or resume our pre lockdown plan to move to Kings Bromley.  I think she might like it there.  A crystal ball re Covid would be handy.

I must say I enjoyed our trip up the N Oxford even though the last day was blowing a hooley across the Braunston to Napton stretch.  That bit seems particularly prone to winds.  Ain't that right Rick? (His face will whiten as he reads this.)

I see they've had trouble at Buckby with a busted lock cill. I think the stoppage has been several days already.  That's bit like closing the M1 for a week.  It must give the poor hire boat operators a headache.  I suppose they have to rescue some hirers at the end of the week and then get the boat back themselves.  Then what about next week's hirers?  From what we've seen, the boats are all out, so they'll have none to spare.

Coming down to Braunston turn we passed an abandoned Indigo Dream looking like the Mary Celeste.  A pity, we'd have liked a chat with Sue and Richard.  I expect they're off somewhere rescuing more greyhounds.  S&R will be grateful when I report that Indigo Dream was nicely afloat and un vandalised anyhow. 

Now we're back home baby sitting two naughty youngsters for a week. Rosie and Ronnie.  Heaven help us.  Getting them to sit still for ten seconds to get this photo was a non trivial exercise in itself.  There is a large pile of blurred photos on the cutting room floor.


Vallypee said...

Poor Herbie! I'm so used to seeing her against a bank in all her splendour, it seems slightly iniquitous to hide her among so many others. I do hope you get to resume your cruising soon, though. Your small charges look impossibly cute. I can't believe they're naughty at all.

Oakie said...

Personally, I would have at least a full season at Wigrams and explore the multiple routes and good pubs on offer, (not that you haven't already, I am sure).
King's Bromley is also another fifty miles further north to travel every time you visit Herbie - not so bad if you both drive though. What an opportunity to make the most of The Folly and The Greyhound just for starters. Sadly, The Admiral Nelson is an Everard's house now(good beer, but run of the mill food).