Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Moored and Insured

Only a week and a day until we take over Herbie, and we are making preparations. We've now booked a secure mooring at High Line Yachting at Iver near Slough from late Feb / early March. This will give us a safe haven near home with facilities like electricity to charge up the batteries etc. We've also got Herbie insured (much cheaper than car insurance, and in fact only 3 times as much as our trailer tent insurance, although over 20 times the value, and although the lady at the insurance company said that some people do manage to sink their narrowboats!). We are covered for any competent driver over 21.

Lots of stuff still to buy for the kitchen, sorry, galley, but we are making inroads. Next, a telly for the saloon.

I hope this freezing weather departs before we have to leave the boat unattended. Its just as well Roy and Valerie are still living on her at this time so we don't have to worry about frozen pipes.

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