Thursday, February 09, 2006


Well here we are! A nice cold sunny day and we’re aboard. Wi Fi access is OK but can't seem to post photos on the blog at the moment. Sorry - will try again later. I think we'll be able to do emails - I'm going to try that in a minute.

We celebrated with a bottle of bubbly, saving a few drops (but not many) to pour over the bow.

Herbie is all ship shape except that the glass door to the stove got broken when Roy and Val were clearing out. Not to worry, there is a stove shop in the village (!!) and we get a new glass tomorrow morning. Meanwhile we’ve had the opportunity to test the back up system which is a heater running off diesel which runs our radiators and we’re happy to say it works fine.

The boat looks very bare with all the nick nacks gone, but I’m sure we’ll soon fill her up.

Down the river bank is a nice little village with a few shops, take-aways and pubs so whilst we’re stranded here waiting for BW to repair the lock (could be another month) we’re quite content.

Tomorrow we’re off for a cruise up to Ware (for Tescos) and possibly Hertford. Tonight (surprise surprise) we’re trying out the pub!

Will post more tomorrow.

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