Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A hot topic

I'm getting nervous about what it will be like when we get back out to Herbie tomorrow. It's been so hot here at home that our conservatory candles have melted, even though its almost always in shade. Look . . .

Herbie is basically a steel box, so it must be burning hot on top. I just hope the insulation is effective, and that my bottles and cans of beer haven't exploded!

Not only that - will the undredged Slough arm still have enough water for us to move, and will the weeds let us through? Well, there's only one way to find out. Watch this space.

Google maps has quite good satellite pics of the Slough arm. If you put in the post code SL0 9RG assuming you are Googling from UK, and switch on to satellite view, it will take you to our moorings. I don't think we were there when the photo was taken. Surprising how different it looks from the air. From the boat most of the surrounding industrial sites further along are hidden behind the trees, or over the cutting bank. I never realised all that stuff was there.

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