Monday, October 30, 2006

We've been away at Launde Abbey in Leicestershire for the annual bash of the Nonsuch Dulcimer Club. As well as meeting up with old friends, and having an AGM and a great concert, and some lat night tune sessions, I spent the daytime in workshops with Butch Ross , a great young dulcimer player from Kentucky. I'm not really a dulcimer player (Kath is rather better at the hammered variety), other instruments being my forte, but Butch managed to inspire me quite a bit so I'll have to get down to some more practice now.

No boats at Launde Abbey, but we did call in at Whilton marina as we drove past on the A5, to pick up a gas leak tester from the chandlery there - and to have a bite to eat and a cuppa in their excellent tea room alongside the canal. Whilton have more boats for sale than practically anywhere else, and whilst we're not boat shopping I couldn't resist having a quick glance over the for-sale bay. I didn't see inside any boats, but there were some lovely paint jobs in evidence.

Only three more days till our boat safety inspection. Tommorrow I need to get out to Herbie and do some last minute jobs to meet the requirements. I have to re-secure the batteries after I moved them about recently, and get rid of some redundant wiring left by the RCR man a while back.

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Anonymous said...

Selwyn's retreat has been to Launde Abbey a few times; it's a lovely place!