Thursday, November 02, 2006

An Inspector Calls . . .

Boat Safety inspection this morning and Herbie almost passed. Electrics good, fuel lines / engine good, extinguishers etc good, gas appliances good. However the regulator on the gas bottle was knackered and letting too much pressure through, and the gas hose was out of date (I should have spotted that). Pressure testing also showed a slight gas leak, but I suspect that was the old regulator connection, which looked a bit dodgy. Anyway, I got straight to it and I've already replaced the reg and the hose with shiny new ones and await a recheck of the pressure in order to get the magic safety certificate. I just hope I've done the new connections up tightly enough.

Doing up the "fixed" end of the hose was fun, I had to squat down right inside the gas locker (along with 2 large gas bottles) to get at the connection. That was OK until I tried to get out again and realised I was stuck. Actually I was laughing at the stupidity of it all. Eventually I wriggled free and I'm here to tell the tale!

I general I was pleased, as the inspector said the boat was very professionally fitted out and in good nick.

Today was also the first frost of the season, although our moorings and the canal looked a picture in the autumn sunshine.

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Anonymous said...

Almost congratulations. Sounds like things went quite well overall. Good to have this check behind you.