Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Here we go here we go here we go

Normal life has been suspended in recent weeks in preparation for the wedding of our daughter Claire. A rare family photo (plus Joe , Claires new spouse)- our kids are hardly ever all together at the same time. Doesn't little Jacob look dapper!
Although it was only a small affair she elected to have the reception at our house, so I had to get the house and garden ready while Kath made Claire's wedding outfit. Anyway it all went off well, the sun shone and now we're back to some semblance of normality.

So tomorrow we're back on Herbie for a couple of days. We need to pick up a new boat pole from Denham and hopefully an anchor and chain etc for our forthcoming trip up the Thames. More money :-(

We have been hoping to detour down the Wey navigation and the Basingstoke canal whilst doing the Thames but they all need separate licences. The short visitor licence on the Wey won't give enough time to branch off it up the Basingstoke, or even to get straight down the Wey and back without putting in quite long days. I wish they'd get their act together and do a decent joint 10 day licence at a reasonable cost. The BW licence begins to look comparatively good value even at over 500 quid for a year. At least you get hundreds of miles of canal and free mooring almost everywhere.

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