Friday, April 20, 2007

Out again at last

Back on Herbie for a two day trip in the sun. The spring wildlife is well in evidence now with lots of ducklings, and coot and moorhen chicks about.

More unusually, we spotted this terrapin basking on a log at the edge of the Slough Arm. We had seen one before in London, but not here.

We stopped off at Uxbridge Boat Centre to enquire about a suitable anchor and chain etc for Thames crusing - £93 ! I guess we'll have to have one though for safety reasons. Uxbridge is not the prettiest place on the canal , but once you get above the lock things become very pleasant again.

We moored up for the night in a favourite spot above Denham lock before returning next day via Denham Marina where wqe bought a new ash boat pole. Before that Kath (bless her) spent a happy half hour in the engine bay mopping up the remnants of spilt oil from our old oil leak. Now the engine floor tray is squeaky clean. Fresh newspaper under the engine tells us we still have a small drip, but nothing of significance.

Next week we're off to help our son Richard to move his narrowboat up the Ouse to have her bottom blacked, then we're off for a weekend sailing on the Norfolk Broads with friends, and then we hope to take herbie out for a longer trip. let's hope the fine weather continues.

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