Sunday, November 11, 2007

After some debate, a Best Pub Winner

How hard was that? We've been debating the relative merits of our final two choices for our favourite pub from this years cruising- the Angler's Retreat at Marsworth and the Fox at Hanwell . Very close it was too

And the Herbie award goes to . . . (opens gold envelope, smiles) .. The Angler's Retreat. Because they do food all day every day, which the Fox does not, and they have a nicer garden, and the surroundings are the more interesting. having said that the Fox gets a Highly Commended.

However, the Fox get's its own back as the pub which served the best pint - Timothy Taylors Landlord - a good pint anywhere, but served to perfection in the Fox.

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Anonymous said...

And I'll drink to that! TTL rules, Cheers :)