Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A day out

Today we popped out to check Herbie was still afloat (she was) and then on to Uxbridge to sort out paint supplies for the forthcoming Herbieroofpaintfest. In the end we had to order what we needed because it wasn't in stock. We decided on a matt grey deck paint, non textured because it'll be easier to clean. Just the primer undercoat and top coat paint for just the roof will come to over £150, then we have the £160 for the wet dock hire and goodness knows what for the hire of a scabbler to rip the old paint off plus abrasive paper, rollers, brushes, etc etc. Heigh ho.

As we were passing Cowley we decided to have a spot of lunch at the tea room alongside Cowley lock.. Transport cafe food really, but very good. On arriving we noticed the sign saying "Open every day except Tuesday". Heigh Ho again. Daughter Claire and baby Grace came along for the ride and we managed Grace's first ever visit to a pub, the Swan and Bottle, for lunch. I think she enjoyed it.

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