Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Will they won't they

My paint for the boat roof is supposed to arrive at Uxbridge Boat Centre today. I ordered it yonks ago but I don't think it would be here yet had I not chased them. A pity as generally it is a very good place to buy your boaty stuff and the people are nice there. If the paint doesn't arrive in time we're stuffed, as we go in to the wet dock on Saturday morning.

I know its only a bit of scraping and painting but I'm very apprehensive about it because it costs a lot of money( over £400)when you add up the dock hire, tool hire, paint, and consumables. If we don't get it right and rust comes through in six months it would all be wasted. Never mind, I have my secret weapon, Rick, to help.

I'll try and do a stage by stage photographic record for the blog. Stay tuned.

Paint now in at UBC. Phew!

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