Monday, July 20, 2009

Convivial cruising and a seat for herbie

Sunday was very jolly. You might think that two people travelling alone on a boat might feel a bit isolated, but the truth is far from it. We started off down the locks at Stoke Bruerne and the BW man appeared and gave us a hand on the first. Then we caught up with a friendly couple at the next lock and whistled down the flight spending a happy hour in their company, making light work of it. Like a number of other folks we have met, they have downsized their house and with the money they made, bought a posh boat. We couldn't downsize our house, we have too much stuff and we can't seem to face up to getting rid of it.

For the rest of the cruising hours to Great Linford we revelled in the most enjoyable company of Aggers, Blowers, Tuffers and CMJ on Test Match Special. Kath, who isn't all that bothered by cricket still enjoys the TMS banter. If you've never tried it, give it a go - you'll soon be hooked.

We got lucky at Great Linford and were able to moor at our favourite spot at the head of the park. Here's the view from our side hatch.

Kath phoned her sister Carole and invited her and husband Pat to join us at the Nags Head by the park gate (they live nearby) and we had a belter of an evening. Sadly the pub quiz was cancelled because the pub was too empty, but we cornered the quizmaster guy and got him to test us on the better questions. We all got on famously, and it turned out he and his wife were ex work colleagues of Carole's daughter Mel. Small world.

Today we reached Fenny Stratford and made an exciting purchase. A steerer's seat for Herbie, something we have lacked all along and sorely need. Where did we get this magical chair? A marina? Chandlers? No, we got it at IKEA! Not designed as a steerer's seat of course but we're hopeful it will do the job. Sea trials report and photos tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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VallyP said...

Sounds like you're really enjoying the homeward journey, Neil! Looking forward to reports and pics on the steerer's seat.