Saturday, July 04, 2009

Herbie takes a break after meeting a more famous boat

On Friday Herbie met leading blog boats No Problem and Moore to Life. Sue on No Problem is the doyenne of boat bloggers and one of the originals, so I was disappointed when we passed her boat on Friday and no-one was on board. Then, a few boats further on, a lady popped her head out a back cabin and said "Are you Neil?"
I was confused. It was Sue of course but coming from the wrong boat I didn't recognise her for a minute. Anyway she looks a lot nicer in real life! It was nice to discover that she had been following our adventures down the Nene.

We couldn't really stop as we were mid canal and on a tight schedule, but we chatted for a few minutes recalling our previous meeting four years ago when we rescued Sue's keys after she had left them in a lock mechanism cabinet on the Nene.

This time cameras were quickly got out and we snapped each other before saying our farewells. This is Sue and Vic, looking I must say very fit and well and showing us that a life permanently afloat is a healthy one.
Then on through Wilton and up the locks to Buckby to rest Herbie once again at Priscilla's house.
Tomorrow I'll work out how many locks and miles we have done on our fenland tour, but right now I'm back at home and looking forward to a couple of weeks on terra firma before we set off again to bring Herbie home. Herbie is looking a bit tired too. She needs a few hours tidying up the engine bay and clearing up oil and water and good wash and brush up. The stern gland needs repacking too - a job I've not done before. There's always something to do when you have a boat.

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VallyP said...

Sad that you've come to the end of your travels Neil, although you sound quite happy to be on land again, and Herbie seems to be needing a rest too ;-) I'll look forward to your return tales!