Monday, February 07, 2011

Whether we'll weather the weather

If this wind doesn't abate we'll be making our trip to London sideways!  I'm interested to see if our TV aerial is still standing when we go out to the boat today.  I fear that my lovingly restored chinese hat on the chimney may have gone AWOL while we have been away. On the up side I suppose we could always mount a sail on the roof and get some free push, although I don't fancy tacking up the Slough Arm.

Anyway that nice Mr Metoffice says it will have stopped blowing by the time we move off on Wednesday
 and it seems that it should be reasonably mild for the remainder of the week.  However  what Mr M doesn't know is that on the outward trip I will be accompanied by Rainman.  This morning I sprayed waterproofing on  my shoes!

1 comment:

Rusty said...

Under sail? Now that would be interesting. You may set a whole new experience for many NB owners. ATB!