Monday, July 11, 2011

Fortune favours the brave.  Now I can assure you that bravery is not one of my best features, but we did have to ignore a few warnings over the last few days. First all those people who say watch out for dangerous conditions on the Soar and all the all the flood warning signs

then the comments from people who think that Leicester is a dangerous or nasty place.  In fact it turned out to be somewhat overstated.  I'm told that the big hire boat company, Son of Canaltime or whatever they are called these days,  in Sawley charges and extra £500 deposit for any hirers going down the Soar, and that they forbid any mooring in Leicester.

Well ya booh to them. We found the Soar a delight all the way

and as for Leicester, we rather liked it, both on the way in, and the way out.

The plastic bag and shopping trolley count here is way way below other places I could mention.

Since I last posted on the blog we have moored at Barrow upon Soar, Birstall ( a pleasant suburb of Leicester), and right in the centre of Leicester at Castle Gardens where they have a good mooring pontoon with a locked entrance into a park, which is also locked at night.  All very secure and actually quite attractive.  No one  peicestered us at all (sorry).  Here we are just arriving. The city centre is 5 minutes stroll away.

 So don't listen to the doom and gloom mongers.  Come on in, the water's lovely.

Now we're back out in the sticks at Kilby and if I write any more I'll be late for the pub, so see you soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh I AM glad! That was exactly my own experience of the Soar and of Leicester, where Simon and I also chanced upon a folk festival :-)
Enjoy the amble down, you two.

Anonymous said...

Just as well you posted a comment today. Rick and I were drawing lots as to who should phone to nag you. You have to consider your public when you're a national treasure! Rainman.

Anonymous said...

That's so useful - as you know, we'll be coming that way in a few weeks' time - in the meantime we can recommend the Trent - especially between Nottingham and Fiskerton - so beautiful.....

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Sarah said...

Hmm, I liked Leicester well enough but I think you were lucky with the Soar... or we were unlucky. Or possibly reckless. That was the scariest boating of my life. So far. Yea, even scarier than going into Keadby Lock (but I had my eyes shut for that and at least it was over quickly)

Maffi said...

I have been to Leicester and moored at Castle Park never had a problem, but then I never do.

Ian and Karen said...

We loved the Leicester ring when we did it last year and earlier this year had no probs on the Soar or in Leicester. Think it's a shame that the moorings are not longer or available or for more than 24 hours at Castle Park. Or is it really so unsafe on the other side?