Sunday, July 31, 2011

Choosing a front end design.

The design on the sides of the bow of course.  I reckon that more than half of the narrowboats out there have this design.

I'm itching to have a go at painting a design on the front the front of Herbie, but it would be nice to think up something a bit different.

Another "traditional" design is the FMC logo seen on the front of President here.

I like it, but although I'm not a strict traditionalist I would feel a bit of a cheat putting it on a modern boat like Herbie.

Then there's the diamond idea, shown here in a neat combination with the "standard" on Humbug, our old neighbour at Iver.

The commonest other type is the name panel shown here with an interesting variation on Halfie's Shadow

(Also note the winner of the Braunston 2011 nobbly knees competition.)

and now for a couple of things in a different vein. I especially like this first one

There's nothing wrong with any of the above, and all would be better than Herbie's present plain white panel, but I still can't find one to win me over.  Can anyone point me to other examples?


NB Langley said...

Go for the Arabic style eye symbol, supposed to bring the vessel good luck

Halfie said...

It's the only competition I'm likely to win at Braunston!

Rick said...

How about dots and bars?

- o O o -

With suitable shading of course! They are often seen on cabin sides but not so often on the front.

You could always admit defeat and have little VW Beatles racing along your foretop bend.