Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Foxton condolences

P1050991 (1024x755)

I’m not sure how you condole a dog, but at Foxton museum it would appear to be obligatory.

When we were at the locks last week I roamed about with the camera trying to capture a sense of what a lovely evening it was.  Quite hard, as the middle distance was quite hazy.  The low sun really picked out the ridge and furrow patterns on the adjacent field.

P1050967 (1024x768) (2)

Standing at the top of the locks you really do a sense of the plunge you take going down the hill to the junction .

P1050976 (1024x592)

P1050963 (1024x586)

The locks have well kept side ponds all the way down and the reflections in this one caught my eye.

P1050982 (1024x650)


Halfie said...

You've captured the mediæval field pattern marvellously, Neil.

Rainman said...

By the look of your photo someone has stolen the mooring ring, so perhaps condolences are due.

Oakie said...

Foxton Locks and no gongoozlers - where are they all?

Adam said...

I agree with Halfie, the photo of the ridge and furrow is excellent.

Oakie: the great thing about mooring at Foxton is that you can have a good look round in the evening or early morning, when you've got the place to yourself!