Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reservoirs - latest figures

BW have published their April reservoir watch data, so I’ve updated my graphs.  It appears that what they call the April figures are those until the end of March, so all this lovely rain we’ve had lately won’t show until next month.  Nevertheless despite what they claim is the driest March since 1953, there is some slight improvement.  I think this may be in large part due to the restrictions and pumping measures introduced.  This time last year, the figures took a downward turn, but this month they have gone up, with the notable exception of GU South despite the Tring summit restriction.


The K&A continues to be very erratic.  Can anyone explain this?  I hope it’s not their measurement equipment on the blink!

I have high hope for the May figures.  Let’s hope this pluviosity* makes a difference.

Interestingly there are a lot of reports lately about low levels in rivers.  Of course they may well temporarily swell with the rain, but rivers don't hang on to their water as well as the canals do.  Could it be that later in the year, those of us on canals may be better off than those on rivers?  Food for thought for boaters who have headed for the rivers to avoid the canal restrictions!

* I thought I might have made that word up, but I just checked and it exists!  Raininess.


Roger Smith said...

I seem to remember seeing something last year in a blog that some of the various fishing businesses alongside the K&A top up their lakes by extracting water from the pounds, IIRC the blogger ended up at a very strange angle, that might be affecting the data.

Anonymous said...

From the verb Pleuvoir? E.