Sunday, May 27, 2012

Narrowboaters show how it is done–lots of pictures

There might be a thousand boats in the QJD pageant next weekend, but the narrowboaters will be able to hold their heads up if this weekend’s rehearsal is anything to go by.  Here are some pictures to prove it.  Remember to click ‘em up big to see them best.

This morning 26 Nbs processed down the tideway in amazingly good  five abreast formation, showing that practice makes (nearly) perfect.  Rather different form last year’s near debacle.

IMG_1372 (1024x495)

 Look at that straight line! Not as easy as it looks in the running  tide

Then on the instruction from the Port of London Authority, we wove our way in stately single file through the city centre.

IMG_1394 (1024x530)

Not bad since we were all bleary eyed from  getting up at four in the morning to do it to catch the tide at Brentford.

Yesterday’s trip out was even more eventful if not quite so well executed.  We started off with a trip to where few narrowboats ever venture.   Out past the Thames barrier and on to Barking where the river is like the sea with waves to match.  Remember to take your Quells if you ever have a go.

IMG_1264 (1024x683)

then back through the barrier

IMG_1280 (1024x497)

past famous landmarks old and new

IMG_1316 (1024x522)

under rather a lot of bridges, all requiring choosing the correct arch

IMG_1330 (1024x526)

and then, (this is the tricky bit) mooring up alongside designated buoys as we will have to do next weekend.  I think it would be fair to say that this was not the groups finest moment.  We did finally all get moored up,

IMG_1336 (1024x501)

but not in our correct positions.  A repeat of this error on the big day will make it much harder to get into our designated formation positions when we set off to impress Her Maj.  All credit though to our rather wonderful leader and SPCC Commodore Andrew Phasey who has brought us to this peak of near perfection.

IMG_1333 (1024x551) (2)

Not a bad little cruise eh?  You should try it, but watch out, some of the Thames boats are a bit big.

IMG_1400 (1024x683)

Thanks of course to Sue and Richard, who gave their guest on Indigo Dream such a wonderful treat.


Adam said...

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Of course, the best part of the day was Kath steering through some lumpy water and doing a great job!

So looking forward to next weekend.


Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Halfie said...

And another great scary wave picture!

Leo No2 said...

But Gort had his side doors open! A photo, as Sue has said, worthy of Leo No2.

I have had a standing wave run down the gunnels but the picture of Gort is quite transfixing - hope it is OK on Sunday...


Anonymous said...

Fabulous pics. Scary...but exciting! Wish you well for the Big Day.

Anonymous said...

Was worth getting up at 4.30am to wave you off! Fingers crossed for a great day next weekend.

Carol said...

I'm so glad that when we went through the barrier last year with Andrew and waited around for an hour or so at Thamesmead before we could return, that the water was so much calmer than in your photo! We did however have a 30 degree list when we came out of limehouse and turned to go through the city and a clipper passed us at speed - a city scary I thought!

Unknown said...

Great photos of the practice - can't wait for the real thing!
Have fun, be safe and enjoy!
nb Song of the Waterways