Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Water gauge mark II

Or is it mark III, I’ve lost count already.  Anyway it’s a game of three halves and here are two of ’em.

P1060058 (1013x1024)  P1060063 (1024x427)

On the left you see the display panel, and on the right the electronic dipstick.  Join the two together, immerse the dipstick and press the red button and

P1060059 (804x1024)

Blimey, it actually works.  Lights come on at nearly full, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 full. Getting the LEDs set in the holes was a bit of a pig.  I can’t deny though that  I’m a bit pleased with the result.

The challenge now is to drill a neat hole in the top of the water tank and fix some sort of cable gland.  That’ll have to wait until we get back out to Herbie and have a few hours to spare.  I’ll need to unscrew the hatch cover off the tank so I can catch the drill swarf when I drill the hole.  In any case the tank is overdue a good scrub inside.  I fear it is going to be a non trivial task Sad smile

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