Friday, December 07, 2012

Best Pub Award and a picture quiz.

So many pubs and so little time.  Still we’re doing our best.  The winner this year of the Herbie Award for Best Pub gets the prize because we always look forward to going there, not just for the beer and the grub, but because it’s sociable and comfortable and the landlord is a fine fellow. In fact we often make it a destination in its own right and have been known to detour off our main route to go there.  It’s  . . .

The Folly at Napton

IMG_9468 (1024x683)

Er, the Folly isn’t actually on this picture but if I had pointed the camera a bit to the right, it would have been.

Hooray! When we first started singing its praises some folks who had been there in the old days looked askance, but I notice that quite a few have rediscovered it now so I’m guessing it’ll be a fairly popular winner.

Now before you tire of all these awards, we’ll have a little diversion over the weekend.  It’s the Herbie Christmas Picture Quiz. Part one today with 3 questions.

1.  Geese and ducks

P1060329 (1024x768) (2)

It’s easy to spot the geese in this photo.  White geese of this type are often known as Embdens.  But can you spot and name the duck in this next picture?:-

IMG_1267 (1024x683)

2. What next?

I’m all for a bit of child labour.  Here is Grace earning her keep.


What does she have to do next so as to be “alright”?

3. Where is this?


Keep the answers to yourselves if you know them.  I’ll accept bids in comments as to how many you think you know, and you can mark your own papers when I give answers tomorrow.

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