Thursday, October 17, 2013

The mysterious buzzing noise on Herbie

David (Rainman) is with us for a couple of days, although he is falling down on the job because it hasn't rained a drop today. We have been going backwards for the last two days in order to pick him up at Wolverton. Once that was done we went backwards still further to take him over the alarmingly high Ouse aqueduct at Cosgrove before turning round and proceeding in the proper direction of our route South.

At one point we got excited because we thought we saw a steam driven boat approaching.

Then it turned out that the white plume was merely exhaust gases from the boats diesel engine. Blimey.

David was suitably impressed by the charms of the Milton Keynes canalscape,

and this evening even more impressed by the fact that Fenny Stratford high street has a locksmiths, a good hardware shop, a plumbing shop, a domestic appliance spare shop and more. In his words, all that anyone could ever want.

Earlier, we had a very strange event. Just after we arrived and tied up the boat, we noticed a mysterious buzzing noise which appeared to be coming from somewhere near Herbie's rear deck. It sounded vaguely electrical and I was worried. I lifted the rear deck to listen in the engine 'ole. No, not there. Actually it sounded to be just outside the boat on the towpath where David was standing listening. Could it be a noise for the nearby buildings echoing off Herbie's sides? There was a gap in the hedge. David climbed through to listen." I think it's out here.". He came back. "No it's here by the side of the boat". We examined the towpath and the canal bank but it seemed impossible to locate the noise. It never seemed to be in quite the same place. Then David discovered the cause. Not an engine fault, not an electrical short, but David's electric toothbrush which had started up in his pocket.



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Sarah said...

I had a mysterious buzzing noise after I turned the shower off this morning. It turned out to be a giant wasp six inches from my right ear - which whom I had been sharing the shower for goodness knows how long!